Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Appreciation for Hanu Montanu - Tuesday 2/26/2008

No, that's not an Inuit rock star she's talking about. Neither is it a Tuvan throat singer.

This letter from Little Vee (I think) was hanging the bulletin board in Braveheart's study, where I woke up this morning.

I really want to know what the guys on the right side of the stage are doing. And is that Little Vee on stage with Ms. Montana/Cyrus?


Anonymous said...

The guys on the right are very clearly holding a mic and a big light.

xkx bells

Sundry said...


I'm really glad it's not a balloon and a big gun. I clearly haven't had enough exposure to art! :)

Los Angelista said...

That is VERY cute. I love the phonetic spelling kids use.

And my guess is that it's a mic and a gigantic boom box.

why said...

hanu montanu!!!

irrepressibly giggling, i am!

Sundry said...

Why - A giggle is worth at least a thousand words!

longge said...

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