Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Work Week - Monday 3/10/2008

It's going to be a big work week. Lots of scripts coming in at once. And I'm going to take off Friday, so it's all compressed into four days.

Still, it's nice to be back and I do like my work. Friday ended with telephone calls and e-mails about some kind of complex clearance issues and I really felt that I was using my writing, thinking and communications skills for my job. That's a good thing.

For some reason, I was terribly interested in the street life on my drive over to Braveheart's for our writing group. This traffic cop was working the intersection of Highland and Sunset. It's an amazing thing that she's doing. Made me feel very civilized to stop on a green at her command. I'm such a pack animal sometimes.

Just some people crossing the street. I don't think it would be an interesting image without the guy on the far crosswalk. Maybe it's still not...?

Followed this urban cowboy all the way down to La Brea, where he headed off into the sunset.

It was a great day to drive along with the window down.

Meanwhile, how is it I never knew about Resistance fighter Pearl Cornioley, who recently passed away at 93. Here's her obituary in the L.A. Times.

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thelastnoel said...

First of all, Sunset and Highland is murder at any time. Bravo to you!

Second, I see Cate Blanchette playing Pearl.