Sunday, May 25, 2008

If a Tree Falls - Friday 5/23/2008

I took this photo because I thought it was kind of amazing how this old car was turned into an agricultural vehicle by cutting the roof off of it and taking the doors out.

But it also shows what the weather was like. What is this weather all about anyway? Just a few days ago we were at that 100 degree wedding reception. Now we're camping and the daytime temps are in the 60s at best.

Did someone move Southern California while we weren't looking?

The only person who heard this tree go down in the night was a nearby tent camper. She thought it must be a might big animal and wisely didn't go check it out.

It must have just eased on over.

The people in the next site exclaimed that they were supposed to be in that site, but they'd gotten into the wrong one by mistake. Several people decided that this is proof that there really is a god.

Being in charge of campsite reservations, I was aware that the guy who was supposed to be there wasn't due in until later in the day. I wasn't really happy that I couldn't confirm The Miracle of the Trees.

This is the camp manager and her husband cutting up the tree and hauling it off. I really adore this woman. She's so straightforward and smart. We always have at least one good conversation when I see her 3-4 times a year at the campground.

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Anonymous said...

I love how I can click on your pictures and get a close-up view. I wanted to see the cut off car better...and then realized I hadn't even noticed the luscious oranges on the tree in foreground. k