Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pink Peppercorns - Sunday 5/25/2008

There were also pepper trees all around our campsite.

Yeah, I guess I knew these were pepper trees, but I never really thought of them as, bearing edible pepper.

I guess I figured the peppers would be toxic things that sort of resembled peppers. Silly moi!

CG pointed them out and said that he cooks up a mean salmon with pink peppercorn sauce.

So I harvested a few! I'm looking forward to using them on salmon or something after they've dried a bit. Mmm. They smell good!

This is either Sespe Creek or the Santa Clara River right after Sespe Creek empties into it, outside of Fillmore, CA. Really this weather shows off the mountains so well.

Okay, this just goes into the oddity file.

This is a seat sitting on Highway 126. A random, full sized seat, probably out of one of those handily convertible vans.

Not so handy now is it, smart guy?

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