Friday, May 02, 2008

Gaseous Politics - Thursday 5/1/2008

Hmmm.... Is this what all our gas powered vehicles will look like in a few years? (Amazing how a photo sometimes just presents itself. I took the back way home.)

I voted for Hillary Clinton, but after her pledge to repeal the gas tax, I wish I'd voted for Barack Obama. I didn't decide until the last minute before entering the polling booth. I went with my gut feeling at the time, because I've always been a bit wary of the seductive power of a great orator, and because I was a big fan of the Bill Clinton administration.

But his is just insulting. It's as insulting as the George W. Bush tax rebates that we're all getting. It's not a fix, it's pandering to us. It breaks down my resistance to all those people who have been saying that Hillary Clinton will say anything to get elected.

I'm not happy about the gas prices and the food prices. It scares the heck out of me, especially since I live 45 miles from work. But does anyone really think this will help long term?

Do the math. We're only talking about $1.80 on every ten gallons of gas we buy. In the meantime you can bet that the oil companies will just see that they can charge that much more and up the prices again.

We're over a barrel oil barrel.

Here's a story about it from MSNBC.

Oh, and! While I'm at it... Happy Mission Accomplished Day. We're celebrating it by noting that George W. Bush has the lowest presidential approval rating in the history of the ratings. Now that's an accomplishment.

Cool Thing: Barack Obama was in Columbia City, IN today. I grew up about 12 miles outside of town; it's where we grocery shopped every weekend. My mom line-dances at the Y there three times a week; she recognized a few of the people in this room. My sister lives in town.

Unfortunately, although my mom tried to find out about it, it was a closed event. Here's an article about it from the New York Times and here's some of what you missed!


fingerstothebone said...

I'm registered as an Independent, but seriously considered switching so I could vote in the Oregon primary. But since I kept on waffling between the two, I figured my vote will just end up being a random vote that I'd decide as I was filling out the ballot anyhow. I share your wariness of great orators; also, I find Obama just a bit too much of a hand-waver. Great vision, yes, but too much hand waving all the same. But really, in the end, I would be very happy with either one of them as president.

thelastnoel said...

We are living in interesting times. That pic of a truck is prolly our future.

Anonymous said...

I live in Indiana...and we vote tomorrow-an exciting time for us. My parents live in Columbia City and this week where both Bill Clinton and Sen. Obama this week. I have been able to meet Senators Obama and Clinton as well as the former President Clinton. It is an exciting time. Having been able to talk issues one on one with both candidates, I favor one over the other. BUT, no matter your choice: what a time to be a Hoosier. Coming downtown early Saturday morning, I drove past the Hilton Hotel as I do amost everyday..but this day was a bit different--when I looked over to my left, Bill Clinton was walking out the door! We aren't in Kansas anymore.

Sundry said...

Fingers- Yeah, we share that uneasiness. It's kind of too bad that we can't just get excited about it. But I am prepared to get involved once a choice is made.

Anon- Yeah, it was always frustrating to be a Dem in Indiana, with no real impact on what was going on in the federal elections. It's exciting to see people rising to the occasion and getting out to see the candidates.