Sunday, May 04, 2008

Potus Hits the Brazillion Mile Mark! - Friday 5/2/2008

Well, honestly, only 100,000 miles. But sometimes it feels like I've traveled a brazillion miles since we brought our brand new Toyota Echo home in September 2003. She still gets 36-40 mpg, so we think we'll keep her.

The odometer hit 999999 right in front of Le Chene Restaurant on Sierra Highway. (It was Joe's Cafe in Steven Spielberg's Duel (1972.)

We knew that we'd hit this milestone today. Hydra was going to use Potus for an errand earlier in the day, but turned around and brought her back so I could drive her out of the warranty. Nice.

So. 100,000 miles later, and we're driving down Sierra Highway on our way to share music with our friends at a hoot in Northridge.

Have to show you these magnificent hibiscus flowers that grace the entryway to our friend's house, where the hoot was held.

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fingerstothebone said...

Congratulations (on the brazillion miles)! I took a picture when my first car turned over too, but it started out at 80,000, so it wasn't so much of an accomplishment. AND I didn't have the foresight to be prepared, so I took a picture after I got home, when it showed some other number.