Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Crossroads of the World and Junk Journalism - Monday 5/5/2008

I was back in Hollywood to visit the gym on my way to Braveheart's. We used to meet in the Valley so I'd hang around over there between work and the writing group. It's really interesting to travel through neighborhoods that I used to know very well when we lived on the east side of Hollywood.

According to Kayte Deioma on, "Crossroads of the World was constructed in 1936 in the shape of a cruise ship with a rotating globe on top. It was the city's first shopping mall. It was built by the widow of crime boss Charlie Crawford after she demolished the original building on the site where her husband was shot and killed. It is currently an office complex."

There was a Thai restaurant here for a while and that Hydra and I ate in it at least once. I remember thinking it was a really ambitious restaurant to build such an interesting structure. (Der.)

I don't know what this is about. Googling it didn't make it clear to me.


That's the very cool new & used music store Amoeba Music in the background.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sally!
I really don't know what that's about either. :) Boy,seeing the sign & reading your comment made me crack up laughing though!

I needed that!
thanks :)

Tessa said...

ps sally, don't know why that came up as anonymous, it's me Tessa :)