Friday, June 13, 2008

Early Girl - Wednesday 6/11/2008

There she is! Ain't she a hot tomato?

Here come her sisters!

They seem to be enjoying their spot in pots on the patio.

Cool Thing : Check out this Chris Ware animation that's on the This American Life website. Very cute story from a long-time married couple. I've had this happen with stories my siblings told about living in other houses before I was born.

I adore Ira Glass and the stories he and his crew bring to NPR every week. You can download podcasts or listen on your computer. I just donated to the podcast.

The story "Giant Pool of Money" explains the current mortgage crisis so well...


KathyR said...

Ooh, pretty.

No tomatoes for me this year. Boo hoo. I just can't get it together, with all the other outdoor projects I'm trying to do.

I still manage to have a bunch of caterpillars, even without the tomato attraction. Hmm.

I've heard that bit before, but the animation is very cute.

Cloudscome said...

Nice tomatoes!