Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Giant Bowl o' Butter - Tuesday 6/10/2008

Apparently this giant bowl of butter has intrigued others before me.

"People are fascinated with it," the night waitress tells me when I ask if I can take a picture of it. "They want to touch it."

Some have gone further.

One night a couple of drunk college students were in the all-night diner early in the morning. They were horsing around, and one of them grabbed the butter and dumped it on the other's head. (Thank goodness it's whipped!)

"Butter went everywhere! It was all over the guys, on the counter, on the floor. They were both slipping around in it. We call it the Great Butter Caper."

They have a pretty good attitude at Andrew's.

When I opened the car door outside the gym, there was this leaf on the asphalt. The arc is the shadow of my steering wheel.

Sometimes all you have to do is pay attention.


Los Angelista said...

LOL!!! That is the biggest hunk of butter EVER! After reading about those guys, I'm surprised some reality show hasn't thought of having it's contestants slide around in gigantic vats of butter.

Sundry said...

Butter wrestling! So old school, and yet so very...now.

robin andrea said...

That is a lot of butter. It needs a very giant piece of toast.

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