Monday, June 23, 2008

Hydra Tempts Fate - Monday 6/23/2008

Dodger likes to stand on the tallest thing around. Sometimes it's the box on the end of the counter. Sometimes it's a watermelon.

Tonight it was a Trader Joe's bag I'd just emptied.

As you can imagine, the paper didn't hold his weight very long, and he tumbled down inside of it.
Was he freaked out? No!

He started digging his way out. And defending his right to do so. See the beak coming through the hole?

Corned beef, broccoli and potatoes. We bought an extra corned beef brisket around St. Patrick's Day and since I worked from home today I was able to cook it up. Didn't have any cabbage, though, so I added broccoli to my dish.

It's pretty, tasty and as it turns out, broccoli's in the cabbage family!

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