Tuesday, June 24, 2008

This is the Way We Bake a Pie - Tuesday 6/24/2008

Okay, so I still haven't perfected rolling out the dough and getting it onto the pie, but at least I figured out what I did wrong last time when the top crust didn't cook right. (Covered the whole thing with foil when I was only supposed to cover the rim.)

Remember I picked all the peaches last week? Well, by today they'd spent enough time ripening in a paper bag in the pantry and needed to be dealt with.

Tomorrow we're celebrating my birthday at work. It was in January but we were on strike, so it was postponed. Two others are celebrating their birthdays, too. We'll go out for lunch on the company and we'll each get a gift card that our coworkers all contribute to. It's a nice tradition.

I decided to make a fresh peach pie rather than us buying something. Hydra pitched right in and cut up peaches while I made the dough (from a boxed mix) and cut up a watermelon so we could fit it in the fridge.

He continued cutting up the extra 10 cups of peaches that we froze while I put about 4 1/2 cups into the pie. His pieces are so nice and uniform. Mine tend to be kind of wonky.

It overflowed a little while cooking, which set off the smoke alarm. Which set off the parrot.

He does love a loud noise.

Pie's in the oven. Kitchen's cleaned up. Dishwasher gurgles in the background. Smoke alarm has been subdued.

We're watching season 2 of Weeds on DVD and enjoying dessert: red raspberries in Sauvignon Blanc for me and watermelon for Hydra.


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