Sunday, June 29, 2008

Romi's in Palmdale - Saturday 6/28/2008

We tried Romi's in Palmdale for lunch. They've set their sights high. It's a nice change in the high desert.

Nice presentation of butter for the bread and warm toasted pistachios.

Hydra pulls out the haughty, skeptical look he perfected during our visit to France last year, but which he's had more cause to use here at home.

We had a table near the window overlooking the patio dining area. It's a comfortable place.

Hydra ordered the Traditional Burger, which comes with portabello mushrooms, smoked gouda and bacon on it. He ordered all the goodies on the side and no bread. It was a good burger and cooked just as he ordered.

He opted for the fresh fruit skewer. The other options were Yukon gold fries or a small salad.

I ordered the Lunch Box. Soup du jour (potato leek today), mushroom/spinach quiche and a little salad with raspberry vinaigrette.

It's a bit pricey... $12 for Hydra's lunch, $13.00 for mine. But I think we'll go back because the food was really good. Service was a little slow, but...

The chef seems to have really good instincts. Nice presentation. Food that makes you slow down and think about it. Mmm.


Wynn Bexton said...

I just spent two days at a media culinary tour of two suburbs of Van. (Steveston and Richmond).Incredible food and presentations but oh my! I never ate so much in two days in my life. Now I have to write about it (I guess this makes me a foody writer?) but first I'll just blog about it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that sounds wonderful. Like you, I love travel and good food.

KathyR said...

Love the haughty skeptical look.

Both lunches look pretty good to me.

bells said...

maybe why the rest of the country thinks people from California are a little - different....

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