Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Is it Time Yet? - Wednesday 7/2/2008

Good grief! I took the back way again last night and went through downtown Acton.

People have already set up chairs along the 4th of July Parade route!

Granted, the parade is a big deal. Small town royal courts come from all over the Antelope Valley and beyond, from as far away as the towns of Boron and Mojave, to ride along in open convertibles and wave at the crowd.

There are lots of horses and other animals in the parade, and local businesses and organizations do floats.

There are even RVs along the road. I'm not sure if we'll venture down there. Even though the parade lasts from 9-11, it's going to be 100 degrees by the time it's over.

Oh, and yes, this is one of the two major intersections in downtown Acton...Crown Valley and Gillespie. Watch out for all the traffic!

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