Sunday, August 03, 2008

Giftwrapping and Nostalgia - Sunday 8/3/2008

Wrapped Braveheart's birthday gifts. Used some of the Viennese art paper that resurfaced as I cleaned and reorganized my studio for hours and hours and hours over the weekend.

I have boxes full of writing dating back to when I was about 10. Stories and poems mostly. Too funny, some of it. The adventures of Marco Mondoux are so clearly influenced by my reading of The Count of Monte Cristo between 8th and 9th grades. There were all these references to actual places in France, and I seem to have picked real French names... guess we are who we are from a very early age. Research is kind of in my bones.

One day I'll dive back in and organize it more. Now, just having it vaguely divided by big eras is good.

I found an expenses ledger from around 1998 when it cost $12.51 to fill up our Taurus and $5.32 to fill up our Escort.


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