Friday, August 08, 2008

Succulents - Friday 8/8/2008

Lovely succulents abound in the campground in which we spent the weekend. I love getting there on Thursday nights and having the day to laze around. Kept trying to finish up a novel I'm reading, only to doze off.

Succulent parrot enjoying being outdoors and having people stop by and visit. Why do they all make such strange squawking noises, he wonders.

They think they're talking parrot, dear.

Into town for dinner with friends. We actually do that every night of camping.

I love cooking. You know I love cooking. But I don't so much like cleaning up afterward when camping.

We didn't even go grocery shopping until we got to Fillmore. No time to prep. But that's okay. I've learned not to stress about it or to feel inauthentic because I'm not doing it by someone else's standards.

We're so happy to be in our little home away from home.

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