Friday, August 22, 2008

Sanchez Produce - Friday 8/22/2008

I'm so glad I stopped by the produce stand again today! Not only to take a shot of the cute new sign, but also to pick more heirloom tomatoes. This time I nabbed a few pounds of green ones. I'll figure out how to cook 'em on Sunday.

It was great to see JS there. He was glad to see me too. He's the son of the woman who owns the stand. Great kid. He's the drum major of his high school band now, and still plays the saxophone. He was chosen as part of the Bands of America Honor Band to march in the next Rose Parade. Only 300 kids from the whole U.S. get to do that.

He's a senior and so busy with school, college applications, etc. I told him about my niece who was in drumline. She's working for a TV station in Kentucky now and her husband is a band director.

JS said he's debating whether to major in business or music. "Why not both?" I asked. He said he's considering that. I just hope he keeps music in his life in some way.

If you'd like to visit Sanchez Produce, you can get directions by clicking here.


Marilynn said...

aww I haven't been to a produce stand in nearly forever.

I was in band, I was considering minoring in music, but Biology came with a heavy load.

I do know many people Majoring in Business and music, or at least minoring in music, so it can be done. Most colleges allow you to play in ensembles without having to major/minor in music, so he can continue to play if he pleases as well.

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KathyR said...

It's Sunday! What did you make?

Sundry said...

KR - Funny, I was saying to Hydra that my plan for this afternoon was to do something with the tomatoes. We seem destined to drive an extra 100 miles every so often, and today was another of those days. This and nicer distractions kept me from my appointed task.

Soon, Little Grasshopper.