Sunday, August 10, 2008

Savoring Sunday - Sunday 8/10/2008

It's the beginning of the end of a lovely weekend. Hydra went into town to enjoy Starbucks. I opted to haul the birds out to the front yard of the camper and read So Brave, Young and Handsome, by Leif Enger. Every time I lay down to read during the past few days, I fell asleep.

So armed with strong black tea, I finished the novel this morning. What a great read. It's been a while since I've read a writer I'd like to emulate, but Enger is one. I need to read his first book Peace Like a River. (Both titles are lyrics from songs. Know which ones?)

My breakfast reminded me of OneL's eccentric uncle. He had an alphabet wheel that he'd spin every day to see what he could eat. Only foods beginning with the letter the arrow stopped on. You'd have to hope you could find a quince every so often!

For me: blueberries, banana and bacon. Finishing up things we had with us.

How sweet! How...bittersweet? The camp manager--we'll call her Upright--brought us this pair of cacti in celebration of our 21st anniversary. She took them from her own garden.

I love working with her. I organize the reservations for our group (about 20-35 campsites each time we go) and then co-ordinate with her about who actually showed up and whether or not they need to pay for hook-ups (electrical and water...not the modern kind!), extra vehicles and pets.

She's very straightforward and easygoing, but she has great boundaries and is able to stand her ground when she needs to. She's from Ohio originally. Buckeyes and Hoosiers. Not so different in some ways...well, anyway, she's been managing and improving the campground for more than 20 years and I admire her.

Looks like a movie set to me! That's a tunnel over a railroad track that's supposed to look like the entrance to a mountain. OneL speculates that it's for the Escape to Witch Mountain re-make that she's been working on.

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