Friday, August 15, 2008

Prep Time - Friday 8/15/2008

Some of Hydra's family is coming for lunch tomorrow. There are not enough tomatoes on my plant to share, so I stopped at Sanchez's produce stand on the way home. I've been eying this sign for about a week. Ooh!

When I talked to the woman behind the counter, she said, "Every day, I'm waiting for you!" She knew I'd want to do this, since I was so thrilled to pick my own artichoke here last spring.

They didn't seem terribly ripe and some had spots, but when I got them home, they were terrific. The heirloom tomatoes were the same price, $1.2o a pound.

A view through the tomato plants.

Other signs at the Sanchez.

Back at home, it was time to make salsa and a cucumber/onion/tomato/fresh basil salad. Waited to make the guacamole the next day, to serve with chicken quesadilla's.

Oh, yeah, and a cake for Cuz-V's birthday. I spread brandy-soaked Morello cherries in the center. It actually wasn't very satisfying. Needed more sweet and more goo.

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