Friday, April 13, 2007

Pick Your Own Artichokes - Thursday 4/12/2007

I have never before been offered the opportunity to pick my own artichoke. But there it was in black and brown on a hand lettered cardboard sign at the veggie stand on the back way home. Did I need to come back with my own knife?


After selecting my pre-picked produce, I told the teenager running the stand that I'd like to pick my own artichoke and he cordially handed me a big sharp knife.

I was surprised at how easily I could cut through the stalk. I took four!

The teenager was very talkative and helpful. We discuessed vegetables, like he crookneck squash I just planted. He said it was too delicate for them to grow in a big way, but that mine should do fine. He also told me this was their first year planting artichokes, that they come back year after year, and that you get several stalks on each plant.

For the folks back home, this is what an artichoke field looks like.


Anonymous said...

If this artichoke field was in Indiana this morning, April 15, it would look a bit different... It would be much whiter with about an inch of SNOW covering the stalks! BRRRR


Sundry said...

I think this is Deb... Oh, that's just not fair. I know it happens, but it seems like you ought to be safe from snow by April!

We actually were pelted with sleet for a few seconds in Ridgecrest, CA on the way back from Death Valley on Sunday the 15th! But it went away instantly.

Anonymous said...

I am taking my 16 year old out to investigate UC Berkeley in August. If there is snow on the ground here THEN, I am NOT coming back to Indiana!


Sundry said...

Ooh, Berkeley! How exciting. Good luck with that.

I think California may have some sort of climate refugee program in place if conditions become this extreme!

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