Saturday, October 11, 2008

Everyone's Anonymous but Mom and Dodger

I'm going to call her by her stripper name--you know, when you use your first pet's name as your given name and the name of the first street you lived on as your surname--but she's still kind of obviously related to me.

So Kitty West, it is.

Dodger adores her. He brings her name up every so often, like it's the best idea ever.

"Kitty!" he says, n the same tone he says, "ice cream!"

He was happy to sit on her knee in the camper as she sipped coffee imported from the Starbuck's in Fillmore.

So what's your stripper name? Mine's either Tootsie West or Fritzie West...not sure which one came first.


Anonymous said...

My stripper name is....

"Ribbon Bunnell"



Kate said...

Geez you know we didn't have pets. I remember a goldfish we named "green" so mine would be Green Third. I think i would fail as a stripper.
Grandma looks great! Looks so fun!!!


Sundry said...

3C - Oh, that's great! I'll bet Gwenneth Paltrow is thinking of adding a new family memmber just so she can name her Ribbon!

Kate - Yeah. That might be more like your space alien name, huh? What was the hermit crab's name?

Kate said...

No, that was Green the Goldfish

Sundry said...

Kate-- Yes, I understood that. ;) I'm asking what the crab's name was.