Friday, October 31, 2008

It's Raining!

I love it when it rains in L.A. Well, it's best when I'm snuggled up at home on a weekend morning, but it was so wonderful to smell the freshness pouring down from the sky!

Made for a pretty dawn in Burbank, too.

It was still all weathery when I got home to Acton.

Our house is within sight of our polling place, which is in our homeowner's association clubhouse. Probably outside the legal limit, but up in our neighborhood which doesn't have much traffic.

I planted the Obama '08 yard sign that Tomasina gave me on busier Santiago Road.

I know, it doesn't look busy, but a lot of people leave the freeway to go into Acton this way. And it'll still be on the way to the polling place for some people.

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fingerstothebone said...

Like rain? Move to Portland!