Sunday, November 02, 2008

Baracking the Vote

Today I went down to Obama/Biden Headquarters in Van Nuys and volunteered for a couple of hours. I've made some calls from home, but I wanted to help do data entry at the HQ. As it turned out, I became part of the phone bank, but that's okay.

This year is the first time I've volunteered on a political campaign, and I wish I'd started earlier. I made a couple of dozen phone calls a few weeks ago, got sick, and didn't start up again until yesterday.

Going to the HQ was really worth it. It was amazing to see a couple of hundred people sitting on chairs, on the floor, on window sills inside and outside, all making calls on their own cell phones. I was in a room with three other people, two of whom didn't have cell phones and didn't have any work to do, but were nice. The other woman was an incredible caller. It was fun to hear her talk to one woman in Indiana who really wanted to converse.

I left a lot of messages, racked up some wrong numbers, talked to a few undecideds and a couple of McCain supporters. I thanked them for participating in the process.

Most of the people I actually spoke with are planning to vote for Obama.

My favorite call was a guy in Ohio. The purpose of the calling today was to make sure voters know where their polling places are, and let them know if they aren't aware. Offer rides if they need them. And find out if they're planning to vote for Obama or McCain.

My guy said, "I want Bush to stay in office."

"Oh! Then.... I guess you'll be voting for McCain?"

"No, no. I'm just pulling your leg!" he laughed.

"Ha, well, you had me there for a minute!"

"Don't worry, baby. We're gonna make it happen. It's gonna be all right."

"We just don't want people to think it's in the bag."

"Don't you worry, baby. It's going to happen. You have a good night."

All in all, it was a really good experience.

And if I hadn't driven down to the valley, I would have missed the amazing colors on the drive home.

Trust me, this is way easier than dialing your cell phone.

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