Friday, November 07, 2008

I Voted

And it seems to have made a difference!

I had a fever of 102 on election night, but I stayed up to watch the win announced, and McCain's concession speech, and the president elect's first speech as such, and the amazingly beautiful sight of the Obama family taking the world stage.

I'd expected to be elated. I hadn't expected to be quite so moved. Tears rolled down my cheeks through it all.

And they continue to come as I read about an impact I didn't even realize I could hope for: a renewed sense of positive proud national unity--one that we have probably never shared in the scope and depth that we have in the past few days.

And, too, a degree of redemption in the eyes of the world that I am so moved by and grateful for. As much as I have never been a knee-jerk nationalist--I think I'm a realist/optimist/some-time cynic--I really do want the U.S. to earn the respect of our fellows on this planet. I want us to be the sibling you can count on.

This morning I had the longest conversation ever with Carlos from the coffee house downstairs from my office that I've had in the past 10 years of saying hello nearly every day. He noticed that I've been out most of the week. He's going on vacation tomorrow, to see his son in El Salvador. Maybe it's just a coincidence, but maybe he believes my friendliness a little more today than he did last week.

Here are some other stories that have touched me recently. I know that this euphoria will fade like the Christmas season always does, but I hope we have more and more reasons to celebrate our enviable diversity in this country.

Los Angelista's blog is worth reading all the time, but be sure not to miss her November 5th entry, "Hugging Random Strangers."

"Suddenly, it may be cool to be an American again" , William J. Kole's update from Vienna is good news.

And methinks Jon Stewart doth protest too much. Witness his show opener for November 5th: Happy New York.

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Bells said...

Huh. I have always thought it was cool to be an American.