Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Men in Shirt Sleeves, with Guns

A big black Lincoln Towncar parked on the far side of the Starbuck's lot and three men got out. Men with well-maintained haircuts and unconcealed weapons, chatting amiably as they crossed the asphalt.

The guns were attached to their bodies via various bits of leather. The biggest gun was in a classic black hip holster. There was one on a belt clip, reminiscent of a cell phone case--but the wrong shape. The third guy used a criss-crossed rig that allowed a firearm to dangle underneath each armpit.

Probably FBI.

Yikes, it's weird to have people strolling around with any kind of obvious firepower.

Nothing happened, of course.

They ordered their coffee and were gone like the scent of freshly ground beans out the side door.

Are you kidding? You expected a photo of the men with guns? It was spooky enough just to have my little pocket Canon out in the same room with them! (This ain't no Mervyn's lingerie department, after all.)


KathyR said...

Now, if we could just get the men with guns into the Mervyn's lingerie, THAT would be an awesome shot.

And that guy with one under each pit? Showoff.

Anonymous said...

hahaha Love it! K

Anonymous said...

Just checking in to see that you and Hydra are well. No posts for awhile and the news is filled with stories of the fire--pretty alarming. Hope you are all fine.

Sundry said...

Sorry to worry you! I was out of town, as you can see. The fires were between my house and work, so I would have been cut off on Friday, but they were about 25 miles away.