Friday, November 14, 2008

Momentarily Lost

We got all cocky and thought we knew how to take the back way, through the alley, back to Dunshee's. But we overshot and ended up walking an extra mile or so up and down a hill (at unfamiliar altitude.)

I didn't mind too much. I like to walk, and it was interesting to see more of the twists and turns of this Santa Fe neighborhood.

It was on this walk that it sunk in that one of the things I really like about the city is that they treasure their history even as it applies to their neighborhoods. They let desert scrub grow beside the streets. They let their wood age and their paint cure in the sun. When an adobe wall cracks, it's not instantly patched.

They must only stock one or two colors of exterior wall paint down at the Sherwin Williams, but the divine is in the detail in Santa Fe. It's in the old carved doors, the painted window frames and the bits of rusted metal.


KathyR said...

I love these. I want to get lost in Santa Fe, too!

Sundry said...

KathyR - Thanks! I could do an entire long post just on all the doors I photographed there. People living with art all the time. Wow.