Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Morning After Hike - Thursday 12/18/2008

Our neighborhood nestled in the snow, from Hydra's mountain.

Fire and ice. Remnants of a yucca burned in the last fire.

It was so amazingly quiet with a blanket of snow over everything, that when this snow plow came along on the 14, we could hear it grumbling along for quite a distance. It was amazing to see the 14 empty, but it was closed for about 20 miles west of us and 40 miles east of us.

Since moving to California I've missed how everything gears down a little in the winter, but this year I'm getting a good taste of it.

Bunny highway.

We've read that amongst birds, only parrots have two front-facing toes and two back-facing toes (other's have three forward, one back), so we were concerned when we saw these tracks in the snow. We followed them for yards and yards, to a juniper bush where they paused.

Coyote tracks approached the juniper, circled it, and then went on. The bird tracks went in another direction. We picked them up, wondering if there could be a little grey lost out there somewhere.

Down around the side of a hill we plunged, up to our knees in snow.

Finally, Hydra saw it nestled in some scrub at our feet! It was a roadrunner!

As soon as I lifted my camera, it bolted and flew down the hill. We had no idea we were really that close behind it.

There was a lot of tracking drama up there... bunnies and jacks crisscrossing with coyotes.

And us!

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