Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow Day - Part 2 -Wednesday 12/17/2008

As evening approaches, the snow's still falling and the front yard is filling with snow. You can see just a little of the brick wall on the right that is 20 inches tall...I think we got about 9 inches, but it drifted.

Hydra dutifully shoveled the snow from the walk between the house and garage. Sundry provides her usual respectful color commentary!

While Hydra diligently shovels, Sundry busies herself with the important work of a snow day: building a snow something. Can you see it? It's a snow bird!

The tree in front of the house looks verrry Christmassy now.

Snow's still falling after dark, but the lantern outside the back door has accumulated about as much as it can handle.

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