Friday, January 30, 2009

Found Stuff & Cinemark- Friday 1/30/2009

Random, I know. But I like this sort of thing... Stuff that is not in the right place.

Found this on the sidewalk near the coffee house off of Santiago Road. About a mile from our house, on the other side of the 14. Weak weak coffee, but a friendly place.

After working at home all day, I walked over the hill to meet up with Hydra so we could catch a matinee of The Reader.

This Lancaster multiplex was probably built in the 1990s, but they had a sense enough to make it into a modern day movie palace. The facade reminds me of steamship funnels. Let's get on board!

Cinemark at night. I leaned against the back of someone's big hulking truck to steady the camera for this shot.

The tail lights started blinking and I thought I might have set off the alarm, but no! The owner had just remotely unlocked the truck and was getting ready to climb in. What are the chances I'd pick one of the few vehicles in the lot that someone was about to drive off!

I probably giggled a bit too much in my explanation of what I was up to, leaning on her truck. But she smiled, so I guess it was okay.


Anonymous said...

both great shots!! k

Sundry said...

Thanks, K!