Sunday, January 04, 2009

Out with the Old - Sunday 1/4/2009

What are these things anyway?

Hydra was going through his closet and came across some of my old computer games. I thought I'd see if this one would still run. Ha! It's on 5 1/4 inch disks! (Also on the smaller ones.) And it it can be run on either Windows or DOS 3.0 and higher.

When I first started working on computers in nineteen-hundred and eighty-nine, we had a system called NPS at UCLA that used 8 inch floppy disks! It went away shortly after I arrived, and we modernized to these 5 1/4 inch babies.

We took the toys and lights off of the tree and then suddenly there was just this big tree lurking a bit awkwardly in the living room.

When we wrestled it into a huge plastic bag and hauled it outside, I felt like we were kidnapping it! Eek.

Oh, and FYI, I had a personal best this morning at the gym: 60 minutes of cardio level elliptical machine "running" (heart rate between 145-150 the whole time), for a total of 5.52 miles! My longest both time and distance-wise.

This was to rid myself of my end-of-vacation / beginning-of-the-new-year screaming hollowness. It didn't really make me a better person, but it made me feel like one.


Los Angelista said...

I wanted to buy a Scrabble board game yesterday and it was $21!!! I couldn't believe it. I'm still impressed with your gym time. That's fantastic. And, I did the meme you tagged me with! :)

Sundry said...

L.A. - Yeah, I was looking for a Jenga game and all the deals were before Christmas. Sigh.

Thanks again for expressing your impressed-ness. When I can do something, I tend to think it must not be so hard to do! (Wonder how this would translate to the street...I think the knee-jarring would slow me down.)

Off to check your list!

bookishdesi said...

hey Sundry,
congrats on the awesome gym day!!!

loved seeing the photos of your old disks... reminded me of my own "olden times" :-)

Sundry said...


Nice to see you here, darling!

Jeannette said...

i cant even get my bird to play scrabble, much less computer-scrabble. good luck.

Sundry said...

Jeannette - Ha! The best we've done with Scrabble and birds is allowing one of our budgies to pick up the tiles, walk them to the edge of the table, and drop them off. She was very industrious about this!