Sunday, January 04, 2009

Road Trip! Bakersfield - Saturday 1/3/2008

Whew, the fog was thick between Tehachapi and Bakersfield! It actually got worse than this, but by then Hydra stopped taking photos and was digging his nails into the dashboard.

Hydra alive and well inside The Pyrenees Cafe. It's located on a rather desolate and industrial feeling street, but it's pretty interesting inside. The bar, which is visible over Hydra's shoulder in the next room, seems very friendly and lively. The dining area has rows of long tables and you eat family style.

The cabbage soup was really good. The rest of it, frankly, was just okay. We loved this place the first time we came here, and it still earns points for being a throw-back to another style of eating place. There was a lot of garlic on the chops and chicken we ordered. I like a lot of garlic, but I like it cooked a bit more than this was.

I'm on a photo scavenger hunt for a list of 43 pirate- and surfer-related items. This counts as a treasure chest, I believe!

My entry into this week's themed photo contest (RED) on Facebook : the little red wagon outside an antiques mall in Bakersfield.

This is here just because I thought it was interesting. It's like an electric chair for soup!

Pretty elaborate set up, here: a single metal mug with prongs on the back of it that plug into this machine. This booth had a lot of very old vending machines. Like pre-Mad Men old.

We went to several antiques stores and malls up there, and didn't end up buying anything. What makes it interesting is when you come across a booth like the one with all the old vending machines in it, and you feel like you've learned something about the (obsessions of the) person who finds this stuff and salvages it.

It's like they're curating their booths rather than merely stocking them.


Anonymous said...

So much depends upon the
White chickens eating
A red wheel barrow
Inside the ice box
As the strawberries
Make a break for it
Running past the preening parrot
Who thinks he is an owl.

By John Carlos Williams
WCW’s weird younger brother

Sundry said...

LOL, I don't think you've posted this where you meant to yet.

Anonymous said...

You're right, it's supposed to be "So much depends upon the
White chickens eating
A red wagon..." Not "wheel barrow." See the red wagon (above)? See Spot run? ... Smile at the birdy. Oh, I'm so confused. ...never mind.

Sundry said...

Hydra. Darling.

It's not the poem... It's the placement. Didn't you mean to put it under the photo of the preening parrot? :)