Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Welcome Barack!

Pull up a chair! Have a cupcake!

It's so much fun watching Barack Obama. We graduated from high school in the same year. So when I see photos of his past, I know where I was then, too.

When he's doing things, I feel more like I understand how he must feel. Like how amazing to walk into the room for the inauguration dinner and own that room? Wild!

It was wonderful to watch the ceremony this morning. Terrific music and poetry ushered him into office. Yeah, I cried.

The speech was exciting and empowering to all of us.

[Oh, and whoo hoo! I finally can spell inauguration without the aid of a spell checker!]

p.s. The inauguration dinner sounds yummy : Seafood Stew, duck breast with cherry chutney, pheasant with wild rice stuffing, molasses whipped sweet potatoes, winter vegetables, and apple caramel cake with ice cream!


bells said...

I didn't graduate with Dan Quail but went to HS with him and in some of his classes. I didn't get that feeling of relating to him or his time.

I wish the best for Obama, but no, I didn't cry.

Sundry said...

Perhaps it's that I feel Obama speaks for things that I beleive in that makes me relate to him more.

I wish you could feel as good about this today as I do...it's lovely!