Sunday, February 08, 2009

Friday Night Lights - Friday 2/6/2009

After having our taxes done by a great guy in Glendale, we waded up the freeway to The Granville in Burbank for dinner. It was quite lovely to sit in the bar area looking out at the pouring rain.

I tried the famous berry mojito, which was delicious. Muddled mint, white rum and blackberries. I would say that with the creation of this cocktail we, as a species, have arrived.

Hydra had a burger that was mounded with bacon and mushrooms, which was apparently fab. I had the seared ahi over smoked Gruyere with basil and pine nuts and an order of the rosemary and sea salt french fries which we started with as an appetizer. The Granville is famous for its yummy sweet potato fries, but I was in the mood for my favorite tuber.

We launched the Tahoe back into the river that was the 5 freeway and navigated over to Northridge for a hoot. Yeah, as in hootenanny.

It was a very relaxing evening. Sometimes more than 40 people show up to take a turn singing and playing a song and singing along with others. There were maybe half as many last night, so we had plenty of time to practice singing "Sue City Sue" a couple of times before calling a member of our group who has been battling depression and singing it for him over the phone. It's his kind of song.

Hydra sang "(Looking for) The Heart of Saturday Night," with which I harmonized. He backed me up on "Just the Other Side of Nowhere." The hoot host and I were sitting in the back finding harmonies to other people's songs and she invited to join her on "Across the Great Divide."

The musical equivalent of a three dog night? Three great songs, anyway.

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