Thursday, February 12, 2009

Restoration Photograph - Thursday 2/12/2009

Started playing around with my scanner and software this evening. This shows just the preliminary difference between the original faded photo and the partially restored one.

I can clean up that border, for instance. This is my brother The Brain, his new car, and our dog Ginger.

Ginger. She was seriously one of my best friends growing up. When we swam out into the lake, she'd eventually get upset about us being so far away and swim out to us.

I used to ride around on my Huffy dirt bike with her on my lap. She listened to everything I had to say. She slept with me at night (sorry, Mom.)

I still get choked up seeing her picture. She was a great friend.

Just had to throw in this idyllic shot of chubby baby me. Cue "Blue Skies!"


Anonymous said...

Oh sally I remember Ginger she was the sweetest dog. Love the pics.

Anonymous said...

What!? She slept in your bed! You little stinker, you! just kidding.