Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Afternoon in the Arroyo Seco - Wednesday 3/25/2009

We'll get there. But first, have a look at these bronze baby shoes that Braveheart gave Tomasina this afternoon.

Braveheart's getting rid of a lot of the lovely things that have been a part of her home, because she's planning to move with The Doc to New York City in a few months. We're having a special writing group meeting tonight complete with a walk, hamburgers, fries, and mango mousse cakes from Porto's in celebration of Braveheart finishing up her coursework on the path to becoming a therapist.

She's going to be great at it.

But we're going to miss her terribly.

I think she should seriously weigh the psychic damage she's going to do to Tomasina and I against the helping a load of stressed out New Yorkers.

We started our walk at a different place from the last time I came here with Tomasina. Isn't this a cool table? It has a chess board inlayed on the top.

There was a fierce woman nearby practicing archery. I would have taken her picture but, as I say...she was fierce.

Big trail, little dog.

Once again, Bisquit sets a example. She's losing her sight, but she trots right along.

Braveheart and Tomasina wait for me while I snap some photos of this Ireland-worthy wall. There are no better friends than those who will say, as Tomasina did tonight, "Don't forget your camera!" when you're headed out for a hike.

Except maybe those who say, "Don't forget your notebook."

This is the portion of the Arroyo Seco where Tory the rescued chocolate lab was frolicking a few minutes ago. He doesn't like cameras, though, so he skedaddled out of the shot.

Tomasina points out the place where she saw the aftermath of a successful suicide a few weeks ago. She speculates that they can get around the barriers by climbing around the lamp post. Very sobering.

On the way back, Bisquit at lasts condescends to allow Braveheart to carry her for a while.

Just to make Braveheart feel useful, mind you.

If you invite me to your house enough times, I will eventually feel comfortable enough to start taking pictures. I love the things people treasure or find interesting.

The champagne top is from the bottle I just opened on the deck, because I'd left it in the fridge and there was some concern about a possible explosion. I must tell you, that I eased the cork out with utmost calm. All that spilled over the lip was a faint trail of champagne-scented mist.

If there's one thing Sundry is good at, it's opening champagne.

But that's another story.


Boise Bound said...

How dare you speak of Portos' mango cake when we are miles from our home? You are dear to me Sundry and will have to do until the real thing (i.e mango cake from Portos) comes along.

Sundry said...

Boise, darling!
We will have to go indulge in the mango and a pina colada bomba (it's soo much better than it sounds) and maybe split a Pan con Lechon for the savory when you are in the Ciudad again. Did you know there's one in Burbank now, about 6minutes from the office. If parking weren't so bad at work, I'd be in trouble!