Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sharp (Cheddar) Contrast - Sunday 3/29/2009

Maybe the reason the recipe for potatoes au gratin said to cover the dish in aluminum foil was not so much that they didn't expect me to be outfitted with my fab vintage Pyrex, complete with lid. Maybe it was to save me this boiled over and burnt mess.

Actually, the potatoes inside were pretty good. It was a very very simple recipe that I found online. Maybe too simple. Or maybe the Irish Blarney cheddar wasn't quite the thing.

I will say, though, that these tasted terrific with poached eggs a couple of days later. And the Pyrex cleaned up pretty easily after soaking in Dawn and scrubbing a bit with one of those green Scotch scrubbers.

Does anyone have a good recipe for potatoes au gratin they'd like to share?

I'll make it, and then I'll make it famous!

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