Saturday, April 04, 2009

Ventura Coast - Saturday 4/4/2009

Just some Gerbera daisies we saw in a gas station we stopped at. Love the colors.

We started out our visit to Ventura with a meal on the pier. Hydra had the mussels. I had a seared ahi sandwich.

Unfortunately, the restaurant's logo is better than its food.

The view from our table was pretty great, though. This is the Ventura Pier.

Hydra gives Flat Brayden his first look at the Pacific Ocean. Later, we helped Flat Brayden pick up a piece of a shell and a small smooth stone for souvenirs.

The water at the end of the pier. Beautiful color, huh!?

There were lots of people fishing. We noticed someone using shrimp as bait, which prompted me to ask Hydra, "What can you fish for that's better than shrimp?"

Looking back at the shore. Honestly, if I could choose any coastal Southern California town to live in, it would be Ventura.

The tracks the water leaves behind.

Yes. This is when my foot got wet. Right before I leapt onto this rock.

These little guys amused us by hopping away while never putting the other foot on the ground. Hee!

Just a cool shop sign in the shopping district of Ventura.

We stopped at a fruit stand on the way back so Flat Brayden could check out the orange groves. He's growing up in a farming community, like I did. Figure he'll be interested to know that California produces something like 75% of all the domestic fruit the U.S. eats.

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