Monday, April 06, 2009

Biscotti di Frioli - Sunday 4/5/2009

My nephew, Beans, shared his almond biscotti recipe with me this past week, and I decided to dive right in today. There are surprisingly few ingredients. It surprised me to find that the only liquids are the eggs and the extracts.

I double the recipe because it stands to reason that if 12-20 biscotti are good, 24-40 are better!

The "loaf" ready to go into the oven.

The first batch, by the time I was done with the initial baking time, then flipping on one side and then the other for 10 minutes each, was decidedly overdone.

I blame the dark baking sheet, my faulty oven, and my own silliness for not checking the progress at around 30 minutes.

The second batch is perfect! Except I might like a little drizzle of white chocolate on them...something I hadn't thought of when shopping.

Next time, pistachios. And I'm wondering if pine nuts would be interesting!

Hyrda and I tag-team cooked a nice chicken stew.

I also made a mushroom risotto and a celery salad (we both put celery in the shopping basket and ended up with three bunches!) to take to my writing group tomorrow night.

We are good to go for the week!

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Anonymous said...

Wow..super informative, the progress of the biscotti! Have you considered writing a cookbook? k