Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Blooming Tea - Tuesday 4/7/2009

I bought a couple of blooming teas a while back, and finally got around to trying one of them. See? It starts out as a little bundle of tea leaves all tied up in a ball.

It's about an inch in diameter.

You add water that's not quite boiling and watch it start to unfold and slowly sink.

View from above.

Almost unfurled.

Hmm. Interesting. It's not as brightly colored as the picture on the jar it came out of led me to believe. Kind of a neat thing, partly to see the full tea leaves.

Flavor : minimal. I kind of wonder if these things don't sit in the shop for a long time, since they're $3.00 each or 2 for $5.00. Of course, I went for the deal and did the two-fer, and I'll give the other one a go.

p.s. It looks really disgusting when you take it out of the water. Like...on a level with road kill that has been knocked into a water-filled ditch and then retrieved. Don't look!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my god! Did you see that movie. Kevin McCarthy was in it back in the fifties. It'll take your body while you're asleep in the next room. There were even remakes!!! Take the hint!!! Quick, run for your life!!!!!!!!!! Hydra