Friday, April 03, 2009

What Part of New York is This? - Friday 4/3/2009

Why, it's CSI: New York, of course! There were directions cards tacked up at my freeway exit on the way home tonight that led me to this site, where CSI:New York has been/will be filming. I wonder if they'll do some sort of color process on these hills?

There's a lot of filming done out here. CSI classic, Duel (1972), Charlie Wilson's War (2007), Reno 911, Bones, etc., etc. Lots of nice quiet winding roads.

And just wanted to share this lovely moment. The Palmdale High School chorale sang at the Barnes & Noble in support of a local literacy project. A percentage of sales went to the project.

The chorale is award-winning and that wasn't a surprise to hear after a few minutes of listening to them. I love that they wear tuxes and long black dresses, too. The director chose terrific songs and uses complex and moving arrangements, weaving the voices together in a varied selection of hymns, pop tunes, and songs from other cultures.

Nice little surprise for our Friday evening.

Here's an article I found about the dirctor, Mike McCullough.

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