Wednesday, March 11, 2009

CSI: Toluca Lake - Wednesday 3/11/2009

What the heck happened to OneL's mini-fridge overnight!?

Let's consider the evidence, shall we?

Indentation of some sort in the frost-laded freezer compartment. It's about six inches long, and rounded as if a cylinder was resting there. What could make that distinctive mark?


No. Not enough toes.


No. Too narrow.

Thermonuclear device?

I don't think so, but the idea will haunt me throughout the investigation.

Further inspection draws my eye to the brown liquid in the bottom of the refrigerator compartment and on top of the filing cabinet upon which it rests. Same liquid is splashed on the interior door.

Dried blood?

A fingerful rules this out. Blood's salty. This is sweet.

I snort some. No effect beyond a sticky burning sensation.

Will need to resort to brute intelligence to determine the type of substance. No time to wait for lab results. A life could be at stake.

What's that? A cylinder rests strangely akimbo in the door! Could it be connected with the indentation in the frost?!?

Cue process music! Darken the lights! Take a swab! Measure it. Measure it twice! Scrunch up forehead. Purse lips.


I think I have the answer!

This Diet Coke, bottled in only a few dozen plants in North America, apparently exploded when the liquid inside froze. Took the whole bottom of the can out and blew open the refrigerator door.

Luckily this happened after work hours, so no one was hurt.

Or were they?

It's 7:00 a.m. No one else is here yet. Was anyone injured? Or worse yet...killed!?!?!?!?!

Will make it my mission to grill everyone regarding her possible involvement upon her arrival.

Making coffee.

Setting up interrogation lamp and unpacking Girl Scout Cookies, which will function as a much better incentive than a carrot with this crowd.

I am on it folks.


Anonymous said...

Where was the part where you tilt your head at an angle, take your designer sun glasses off, and look up through your eyebrows, knowingly? Hydra

Sundry said...

Hydra - Unfortunately, the Sunglasses of Justice have not contracted to work on CSI: Toluca Lake. We have to rely on gut instinct instead.

joan said...

LOVE it!

Boise Bound said...

I'm 900 miles away but I've just finished pacing in the parlor and I turn my acusatory finger toward you Tammy D!