Monday, June 15, 2009

Elkhart - Monday 6/15/2009

Brain shows off some of Elkhart's more intriguing history. This little marker was made by a local dentist. He's gone now, and the marker has fallen over, but the new owners of the house had the good sense not to get rid of it.

Yeah. That's right. It's made of TEETH!

Brain doesn't have anything quite so grisly in his back yard, thank goodness. Wonderful house and yard.

Pretty little pool house.

There are a lot of lovely accents and different views from here and there. This is next to the pond!

Buddha likes poppies.

I got to meet one of the equine members of the family. Casey. What a sweetheart.

Sunny puts Casey through his paces. She's terrific with him.

Later, she talked me into staying the night, which was a great decision. We stayed up till 2 o'clock playing Cranium. Went to see Brain play tennis with his friends the next morning.

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