Monday, June 15, 2009

South Bend Chocolate Company - Monday 6/15/2009

My brother Brain maintains his dignity throughout our tour of the South Bend Chocolate Company!

Wow, it really is a lot like the scene from I Love Lucy! Love that it's such a small, simple operation.

We had samples from the box of imperfects. I chose yummy vanilla cream.

That's a lot of love in those boxes.

Arispa demonstrates the proper method for making chocolate dipped spoons. It's a skill we've been lacking in our family up until now.

The chocolate is really good. If you're in South Bend, you should check it out. We took the extended 45-minute tour, which is $4.00. The 25-minute tour is free.

Our guide forgot to give us our goodie-bags at the end, which Arispa realized after we'd left. Boo hoo!

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