Saturday, June 27, 2009

Catting Around - Saturday 6/27/2009

Nice try, big guy.

One of the resident peacocks at the Cat House Feline Conservation Center. We planned to do this with CuzP and CuzM about a month ago, but then he got tickets to see the Detroit Redwings in the Stanley Cup playoffs. His excuse was as lame as this guy's hiding place. ;)

One of the boys takes a nice dirty bath.

This fellow was quite upset about his food dish being moved. Jumped up on the bars at head height when the volunteer pulled his dish out of the enclosure.

She must be able to read him well, to have the confidence to let him lick her hand within seconds of snarling and jumping. Yipes. Not me!

Cuz-M goes eye to eye with the big cat.

Wonderful grounds. Many of the enclosures have running water in pools. Most if not all have living trees or shrubs in them. Lots of shade in a park-like environment. Which is amazing, given that the area around this is serious Mojave Desert.

Can you see the grooves the big cats make when they play with a bowling ball. Yipes!

Cats are cats, no matter how big. Roby enjoys a good scratch from an official volunteer.

Do not try this at home.

Hydra flirts shamelessly with a female peacock, offering her water from the palm of his hand. She comes closer, closer...

And decides he needs a good dirt bath before she'll consider his advances.

Doc spent a lot of time hollering for his human mama, who raised him. Finally, he climbed into his water trough and used the sides to amplify his voice. Yeah, animals act on pure instinct. Sure.


Anonymous said...

only home a couple of days and already off having fun again! disgusting. k

Sundry said...

Heh! I was only interested through a veil of tears. ;)