Monday, June 22, 2009

Sailing the Corn - Monday 6/22/2009

B shares her freshly picked peas with me! She also pulled radishes for our lunch. Mmmm.

J aboard the Hasty Decision. Great name for a sailboat, huh? Seats six. When are they gonna give her a maiden run on the Pacific is what I want to know.

B in her kitchen. This is typical B, telling a great story.

View of the pond from the lovely newly enclosed front porch. Family wedding photos on the wall there.

Hoosier sunset, on the way back home...erm, to Mom's house.

Um, yeah. Gotta say, that's a little sad.

Commemorates three of Indiana's 5 vice presidents: Dan Quayle (Huntington), Thomas Marshall (Columbia City), and Thomas Hendricks (Shelbyville), all of whom lived along State Road 9.

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