Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Here and Here - Monday 6/23/2009

Mom made graham cracker cookies! Okay, just one.

Stopped on the way to meet up with Pegerty to take a shot of Green Gables, at Big Lake. The first house my parents shared.

Breakfast at Bob Evans in Columbia City at 11 am. I waited till the last to have this, because it's seriously addictive and I didn't want to have it more than once. Pegerty was the voice of reason. We got two orders and a side of fruit for three people. Thank goodness.

It's soooooo good.

Drove to Indianapolis for the flight back to L.A. It actually felt kind of right to spend a couple of hours driving.

Somehow the Theme Restaurant looks even more futuristic during renovations.

The 405 was a mess, so we cut across town. Hydra drove, so I had time to take a photo of this pretty door along Highland Boulevard.

It's nice to be home, but as soon as I get here, the homesickness sets in. How is that?


Anonymous said...

Haven't visited for a few days (lack of computer will do that..!) but realize now that at the same time you were eating at Bob Evans in Columbia City I was breakfasting (yes, I can make it a verb) at Richards' in Columbia City--about a block away! I was on MY way to MY mom's at Shriner Lake. Timing, huh??
Deb in FW

Sundry said...

Oh wow! Amazing! I worked at that Richard's in 1979, back when we wore long red dresses. I became addicted to the heavenly hash.

Anonymous said...

I am taking care of my mom at Shriner..NO Internet to be found up there, so my visits are sparse at moment. BUT I DO remember those dresses...my mom moved there in 76! And today I got 3 poached eggs, 3 pancakes and 3 pieces of bacon for $3.99-my mom's biscuits and gravy were $2.99 so some things still feel like '76! I only ate 2 of the eggs and I don't eat meat--but was STILL a bargain!

Sundry said...

Yeah, that's a good deal. I go to a place out here that offers a 2x2x2 (2 pancakes, 2 bacon or sausage, 2 eggs and coffee) for $3.99. Good deal anywhere, but especially here!