Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hoosier Sunday - Sunday 6/21/2009

Mom holds a nest I found while trimming one of the shrubs yesterday. Isn't it beautiful?

Cool mural in an alley in Churubusco, IN.

Mom, Pegerty and I ditch our shoes on the way into the maze of plantings that is Joy's Flowers.

They look like blossoms, don't they?

Interesting little platforms leading up to a tiny window. Hmm.

Worked up an appetite, so we stopped at the Magic Wand in 'Busco. Great sign. Inside the diner: grilled tenderloin. Wish I'd seen the huge, decorated (presumably empty) hornet's nest hanging over the booth next to ours before we walked out. An interesting addition to the clown motif inside.

Turtle Days just ended last night. They used to think there was a giant (Loch Ness style) turtle living in a lake near Churubusco. The rumor was still going when I was in school. Here's the story as it's told by the Chamber of Commerce.

Ended up in Columbia City again, where Pegerty and I walked downtown and spent a little time chatting in the gazebo on the courthouse lawn and watching the sunlight drain from the sky. Stopped by Beans' place on the way home.


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Kold_Kadavr_flatliner, the VitaminSee said...

Simply amazing how birds can be that EXACT in preparing a place for their young! Glory2God!! Ya know who's the Maker of Birds? Exactly. God bless you. Meet me in Heaven, girl. Love you.