Sunday, March 30, 2008

Zen and the Art of Trailer Maintenance - Saturday 3/29/2008

We needed to hook up the trailer this morning and haul it down to Camping World (O Mecca of trailer supplies) in Valencia to have it measured for a slide cover. This will keep leaves and seeds and water from getting on the slide, which is pulled into the trailer when we close up at the end of a trip.

Much better than Hydra risking his life on a ladder with a broom every time.

Reviewing the shots I got, I have to conclude that it was a serendipitous journey.

That bank of clouds is the famous L.A. marine layer lingering in the San Fernando Valley, as seen from Sierra Highway. (Later, we'll call that June gloom.) On many mornings I drive into this before daylight and it can be pretty dense.

Don't worry, we're not going there. We're staying in the sun.

The nice attendant fills up our propane tanks. We used quite a bit of heat on the March trip, when it got down to around 36 degrees at night.

Hydra says this is a '55 Chevy. It was parked at Camping World.

If you know how I grew up, you will know that him knowing things like this warms my heart. Very car-oriented family.

A water tower that Hydra pointed out to me. He's right, I love these things. I'm not sure whether it's a new one or the old one repainted. (I have a shot of the possibly old one somewhere around here.)

I'm really amazed at this shot, also taken from a moving vehicle like the water tower photo. Wow, my little point and shoot Canon A560 really steps up to the plate when you ask it to.

I think this is an old windmill water well building.


Cloudscome said...

I came here from Los Angelista's blog. Beautiful pictures! Mind if I link you? My photo blog is Sandy Cove 365+1

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of standing at the foot of a windmill calling to your mother, who was climbing to the top, to please come down.

Sundry said...

Cloudsome-- Wow, your detailed photos are really lovely. Makes me want to go find a good macro lens!

Anon--- Assuming this is Bells? That sure sounds like my mom!