Friday, April 04, 2008

The Morning and the Evening - Thursday 4/3/2008

I was running late getting out of the house when Hydra called and warned me to stay off the freeway. He could see the 14 was backed up where he crossed over it on Escondido.

Good thing, too! It was moving briskly at my entrande, but it turns out there was a SIG alert down around Agua Dulce. (A SIG alert means that it will take you at least 20 minutes longer than normal to get through a place.)

There were two big trucks with these generators or whatever on Sierra Highway. They'd apparently gotten off at Crown Valley to have some breakfast at Mickey D's rather than waste fuel in line.

I took off down dark Sierra Highway where everyone was uncommonly sensible driving through the dark and rainy morning.

When I arrived home, I was talking to Mom on the cell and she asked what it was like. I took this while talking to her and describing how the light was beginning to slant across the neighborhood. See how the gazanias to the left are starting to close up for the night, while a couple on the right are still basking in the sun?

I had a really good time teaching today. I think this is how it's meant to be, and that I'm getting my footing at last. I realized that both times when I talked more, the class actually went better. Huh!

We talked about how there are basic stories that are told over and over again with variations, and that the details are different. I asked how their parents met and told them how mine met. We're gearing up to rewrite the Cinderella story.

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