Sunday, April 06, 2008

Was a Sunny Day - Friday 4/4/2008

Hydra pointed out that there are even more gazanias popping up amidst the ice plant.

African daisies.

California poppies growing through more African daisies. Wow.

We left all this gloriousness to drive down to Santa Monica to meet friends for dinner and then see Susan Werner at McCabe's.

Every time she’s played at McCabe’s since we first saw her in 1998 or so, we’ve been there. Except that one time when Tom Paxton was playing at Royce Hall the same night.

Wow! Last night was one of the most amazing evenings I’ve ever had at a concert. She had Natalia Zuckerman there opening for her, and Trina Hamlin joined her to play percussion and harmonica. Zuckerman was interesting in her own right--very cool vocal style, and funny between songs--but the three of them up there together was amazing.

I have never seen anyone play the harmonica the way Trina Hamlin does. It was seriously awe inspiring. I realized I was sitting there with my mouth hanging open.

The passion, intelligence and wit on that stage was thrilling. Susan Werner is a terrific performer and songwriter. She's dynamite in person. I’m so happy to see that her musical career continues to evolve.

Seriously, if Susan Werner’s playing anywhere near you, check her out. Here’s her website, with tour dates.

Trina Hamlin’s worth a trip too.

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