Friday, April 11, 2008

Cow & Pig - Tuesday 4/8/2008

This is Cow and Pig.

Or... Pig and Cow.

We really didn't get to know each other well enough for me to say which is which. They were coming out of CVS pharmacy at 5:15 in the morning as I was on my way in.

They look really cute with their big untrimmed ears up, but as soon as I dropped to my knee to take their picture they completely lost focus. First they stormed me with tongues and wild tails, then they dissolved into general excitement.

Their guy said, "Yeah, they're not too good at that."

It was a nice little encounter. I went on in and bought a battery for my watch. I have about 4 watches, none of which works because the little jewelry shop down the street from my office closed about three years ago and I hadn't found a new place. I kind of knew I could have gotten a battery and replaced it myself, but I liked supporting the elderly guy who owned the shop. I think he charged $10 or $15 for the battery and replacement. I usually had to leave it with him for the afternoon.

The night manager at CVS actually changed it for me after I assured him it was old and not valuable and I wouldn't give him a hard time if he nicked it with the little screwdriver. I don't think he does this for everyone, but I go in early in the a.m. every so often and I think the cashier kind of took me under her wing. She went and got him to do it when I asked where the watch batteries were.

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